El Talayee Tour

  • Start Date: August, 2018
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Talayee Rise located right before the entrance of WGNP
  • Target Group: Hotel guests, park visitors, tourists
  • No of Beneficiaries: 8-10 locals
  • Project Description: A 4-hour desert hike organized and led by Ababda as trail/desert guides. The hike is usually scheduled in the early morning to allow time for enjoying the desert. Local Bedouin coffee (Gabana) is prepared and served. The tour is accompanied by a camel with a back carriage to cater to elderlies, and for emergencies. Specialized local and international tour guides who are knowledgeable about the ecology and history of the area guide the hike. Upon reaching the Tola’eya peak, hikers get to enjoy spectacular views of the desert and the national park.
  • Impact: This project is being implemented in partnership with Gorgonia Beach Resort, in order to create jobs and provide income to the local community of Abu Ghosoun Village as part of our ecotourism program.



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