Wadi el Gemal, the “Valley of the Camels” is one of the largest valleys (wadi in arabic) in the Eastern desert, the region between the Nile and the Red Sea. The valley was bed of an ancient river that no longer exists; it was originated 15.000 years ago in the high mountains dominated by the Gebel Hamata (1975m) and flore into the Red Sea two km south Gorgonia Beach. This region is distinguished by its very different environments, which are home to a great variety of flora and fauna. Because of its extraordinary features, in 2003 the area of Wadi el Gemal was declared a National Park. The park is made up of two parts: a terrestrial one measuring about 5.000 square kilometers and a sea part of about 2.000. Wadi el Gemal, which is inhabited since thousands of years by the local Bedouin community Ababda was very well known in ancient times for Sikait and its emerald mines and for the ancient trade route that was connecting the Ptolemaic port of Berenike to
the River Nile Valley.

With a bike ride or a trekking tour, you can discover and experience the quietness, silence and great views of this wonderful region! The aim of Wadi El Gemal Experience Programme is to establish and run a community-based ecotourism excursions in Wadi El Gemal National Park to offer interesting experience to visitors of the Park and hotels of the area while contributing to the social and economic welfare of the local community and the National Park. The Eco-Tours are being implemented in partnership between Gorgonia Beach Resort and the Local Ababda People.


El Talayee generally defines a dominant hill from which in the past the Ababda tribe chief could control its territory. We will discover that the desert is not so deserted, that the apparent monotony of the landscape is rich in suggestive and unexpected views, rich in traces of animals and plant species that have specialized in surviving in this rather hostile environment. In any case, the view from the top of El Talayee will reward the slight effort: the panorama ranges from the Red Sea with its islands to the desert plain crossed by the stream beds of palaeochannels and the mountain ranges in the background. What about the eternal spectacle of the rising sun, that magical moment in which everything mutes?

  • What You Need: Sneakers or hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, cap or something to protect your head from the heat, a backpack.
  • Difficulty: Average, route 8km, height difference 160m.
  • Duration: About 3 hours of trekking, about 1 hour for explanations, and various breaks to enjoy the landscapes.
  • To Whom It Is Addressed: Adults and young people over 10 years old.
  • Services: Breakfast at the main restaurant, starting 20 minutes before the meeting time; the walk is guided by a naturalistic guide and guides of the local Bedouin community Ababda; water,
    soft drinks and jabana (Bedouin coffee).
  • Extra Services: Trekking sticks to hire.
  • Meeting Place And Time: Notified at the time of booking.


Lagoon and mangroves
El Qulaan is a small settlement of Bedouins Ababda located about 50 kilometers from the Gorgonia Beach Resort. A village lying on the edge of a natural bay bordered by mangroves that offers a modest but genuine hospitality. Here you can easily observe the heron, the osprey and the white-eyed gull… A day of nature and quietness, where the passage of time takes on a dimension nowadays too often forgotten.

  • What You Need: Sunglasses; sunscreen; cap or something to protect the head from heat; a backpack; swimsuit; beach towel.
  • Difficulty: Simple.
  • Duration: 6 hours.
  • To Whom It Is Addressed: Everybody.
  • Services: Transfer to and from the resort; naturalistic guide; entrance ticket to Wadi el Gemal National Park; water; lunch with traditional food.
  • Extra Services: Tea, jabana (Bedouin coffee); local handicrafts.
  • Meeting Place And Time: Notified at the time of booking.


Our E-Biking tour aims to establish new environmentally friendly excursion in Wadi El Gemal National Park that provides interesting experience to explore the nature of the area. Target group of this tour are visitors of the Park and hotels who want to try something new like riding a mountain bike in the desert! This unique trip is unforgettable; you will enjoy navigating through the desert and landscapes of the protected area. You will see and enjoy a lot while leaving a minimal footprint on this pristine nature!

  • What You Need: Compulsory helmet supplied; sneakers, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Difficulty: Average, routes 15-35 km.
  • Duration: From 2.5 to 5 hours.
  • To Whom It Is Addressed: Adults and and young people over 11 years old.
  • Services: The tour is led by an experienced cycling guide, always floowed by a car, water.
  • Meeting Place And Time: Notified at the time of booking.