Wadi El Gemal National Park Honey

  • Start Date: April 2019
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Wadi El Gemal National Park
  • Target Group: Honey lovers, eco-tourists, nature lovers, hotel guests
  • No of Beneficiaries: 100-150 local people
  • Project Description: Beekeeping is considered a very useful approach for community development. The purpose of this Project is to introduce the beekeeping and honey production to the Ababda community. It is preparing a group of local people to become beekeepers. They were trained to be able to deal with apiaries management, bee communities, breeding, and bee diseases in order to produce high quality natural honey as well as pure breeds. As a pilot phase, four apiaries were established in Wadi El Gemal, Abu Ghosoun and Qulaan. The apiaries are currently being operated by the Ababda under technical supervision of a qualified Beekeeping Expert.
  • Impact: This project will bring social and economic benefits to the local people by providing a steady source of income from the production of the wild and natural honey and its associated products.



United Nations Development Programme

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Egyptian Ministry of Environment

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AICS - Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

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