Wadi El Gemal National Park Honey

  • Start Date: April 2019
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Wadi El Gemal National Park
  • Target Group: Honey lovers, eco-tourists, nature lovers, hotel guests
  • No of Beneficiaries: 100-150 local people
  • Project Description: Beekeeping is considered a valuable practice for fostering community development. The purpose of this project is to introduce beekeeping and honey production to the Ababda community. It aims to prepare a group of local people to become beekeepers. They have been trained holistically to manage apiaries, taking care of all colony needs. A nomadic approach in search of desert flowers makes it possible to produce high-quality, extremely rare, and precious honey. As a pilot phase, four apiaries were established in Wadi El Gemal, Abu Ghosoun, and Qulaan. Colonies are currently being operated by the Ababda under the technical supervision of qualified beekeeping experts.
  • Impact: This project will bring social and economic benefits to the local people by providing a steady source of income from the production of the wild and natural honey and its associated products.



United Nations Development Programme

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Egyptian Ministry of Environment

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AICS - Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

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