Beyt el Ababda

  • Start Date: April 2019
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Wadi El Gemal
  • Target Group: eco-tourists, nature lovers, hotel guests
  • No of Beneficiaries: 30-40 local people
  • Project Description: Beyt El-Ababda was established to act as a center for education and awareness raising about the culture heritage of Ababda people as well supporting ecotourism and culture tourism in Wadi el Gemal National Park. The project aims to display and explain the cultural heritage of the Ababda tribe and at the same time welcomes visitors. It provides information about the ancient and rich culture, traditions, customs, knowledge, nomadic and desert lifestyle of Ababda people, and illustrate the fragile and age-old balance between desert environment and subsistence economy of the local nomads.
  • Impact: This project will bring social and economic benefits to the local people by providing a steady source of income from ecotourism. It will support the promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of the Ababda people.



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